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didn't have to indulge in lengthy masturbation in the seclusion of my bed.

Once my hungry fingers reached the lips of my love mound, I'd close my eyes,

bite down on my tongue and begin to rotate the fingers against the tip of my


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a pre-college physical examination. The appointment was on a Wednesday
afternoon after school, when the nineteen year-old would be available.
Brenda hadn't been in to see me for the past several years since her
family had moved away to another state. But now they had returned, and
Brenda would become my patient once again. The last time I saw her, I
recalled, was when she was about fourteen and had just entered puberty.
Her old charts indicated she was a normal, healthy child with no
remarkable diseases or physical abnormalities.
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working the weekend shift and feeling beat. Now it's your moment.
Hubby will be home soon but this time's for you. Hmmmmmmm...

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started going out, she was still seeing several other guys, but they
just sort of fell away and we ended up together. We dated for many
months, then finally got married. We've been hitched for 6 years, and
to the best of my knowledge she's been faithful to me, and me to her.
Well, I did have a couple of visits to a massage parlor, and there was
that one business trip in Orlando, and, oh, yeah the time with the bikini
contest I emceed in Dallas. I mean, those girls practically jumped me. But
other than that, totally faithful. Um, unless I've forgotten something.
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"perverted" as she started to think of it. He would tie her to the
bed or a table and use all of her openings with his hands, mouth,
cock or any one of several toys he kept on hand for the purpose.
Occasionally, he used small clips on her nipples and vaginal lips
to "heighten her sensations", but when he could see that he was
causing any real pain, he would back off. As he introduced her to
new experiences, there were a couple of times she thought about
saying "that's enough", but in each case, she held it back and
ended up enjoying some new sensation. She continued to see Dr.
Stevens regularly and report her activities. After which, they
would talk about how she was feeling and each new adventure seemed
to increase her sense of complete freedom. The doctor was concerned
that Jan was starting to think of her body as Dan's possession and
asked if her new private life had been effecting her business life.
Jan said she thought s
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I must admit that it has been a turn for the better. I am a
thirty-five-year-old business woman who has been divorced for
five years, and I am trying to get my daughter through college. I
have tried to keep myself in relatively good shape so that I will
remain attractive to the opposite sex.
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Times Square was much the same as usual. However, as I walked north on
Broadway I stopped dead in my tracks. On the corner was a large group
of foreign sailors. They were awfully darned cute in their navy blue
uniforms and white hats. I took advantage of the red light although I
usually cross against it anyway, if my life isn't in immediate peril to look
them over. They each had a band around the brim of their hats that read
"Jeanne D'Arc." Joan of Arc. Obviously their ship was in. Noticing one
particularly handsome sailor in his early twenties who flashed me a shy
smile, I wondered if my ship had come in, too.
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get me aroused.....and when I am, my juices start to flow and I get that very
familiar clutching feeling in my belly that tells me I MUST do something to
take care of my needs....NOW!!! Well...I am not always in the position to do
anything with a partner..hence my dependence on masturbation. Until now, my
technique was pretty basic..but finger on my clit...the other
hand cupping my pussy mound..and the whole thing done while lying in a prone
position to increase the pressure on my groin area.... There was always one
problem though....I LOVE the idea and sensation of being
FILLED...really filled by something...(can you all guess??) Sometimes I would
slip a finger or two or three in my dripping cunt and fill myself that
way...but it too lacked a certain something... Well...another thing I like
very much is the idea of being WATCHED when I masturbate by someone who really
cares about me.....and so....
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new boyfriend over for drinks and to watch a couple of rented movies. We
had never met Joe, but Eva had a lot of good to say about him so he had
to be okay.
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who aren't able to do so. Most frequently it's older or informed
people who require my services, which was the case - at least that's
what I thought - when I went into the showroom to cover for the manager.
An older couple came in, purchased a cable-ready television and requested
that it be delivered to their home. I informed them I was the one who
took care of these installations and added that I'd be over the following
day to hook up their system.
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These were the words that began one of the most bizarre (and wonderful)
experiences of my life. It was about five weeks into my freshman year, and I
had a Literaure 110 exam at 9AM. I spent most of the previous day re-reading
the chapters and class notes, but around seven I got too sleepy to carry on.
So I curled up under my blanket and headed for dreamland. My roommate,
Samantha, sat on her bed reading a Biology text.
"Zonin' out Sandy?"
"Yup", I responded sleepily.
"'Night. I'll be quiet. Promise." She winked at me with the last
words and turn back to her reading.

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much about, so I thought I would do something special for her.
This girl was much into sex, especially wild sex so I thought I
would give her a birthday sex session, but not just a regular
sex session. I called a few of my friends and asked them to
join in on the fun. To come to the "party" I managed to get
John, Steve and Martha. None of who know Cynthia [the guest of
honour] but were quite kinky too. I invited Cynthia to come over
to my house for supper a few days before her birthday, and even
feign surprise when she mentioned her birthday coming up. She
accepted and we set a date. I then called the others and told them
to be there early.
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extremely naive 18-year old from the Bible Belt to, with the possible
exception of my Aunt Sally, the best cocksucker and blowjob artiste to be
found. I left home when I was 18 to attend college in southern California.
My parents were very strict; my father is a Baptist minister and my mother
teaches summer school and leads the church choir. They only agreed to my
going to school there if I stayed with my Aunt Sally, who lived within a few
blocks of the college. Sally was only ten years older than me but had a
master's degree in library science with a minor in economics. Mom and Dad
approved of her highly and felt that she, despite being only 28, would be a
fit guardian for their sweet little virgin daughter. How little we knew.
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but it brought you no peace. As you leaned out over the balcony,

surveying the reflecting pools and gardens of the estate stretching out

into the moonlight, you tried to relax, enjoy the panorama, and ignore

the sound of the music, laughter, and dancing in the ballroom down the

hall from the study whose window you had flung open. Flung open at the

end of a mad flight from the ball, trying to escape that which you most

desired and, yet, by which you were most terrified.

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the rest of the family had gone down to Norfolk to visit

relatives for the weekend. My boyfriend, Jack, was out of town

too, at a swimming meet. I was feeling pretty horny, and wished

Jack was around to let me taste that wonderful cock of his. He's

gets a beautiful 8'' hard on that never ceases to amaze me.

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incredibly blond during the summer and any tan I do have is accentuated by

my hair. If I'm not careful I'll end up looking like a lobster with a white hat.

When I'm at the pool, I normally don't stay out long because of my tendency

to burn. What I'm looking for is just a hint of color and I hate bathing suit

marks. I usually wear very small bikinis and I move the strings around to

keep the line marks at a minimum. Sometimes I will go out on my balcony,

drape sheets over the railings and tan in the buff. I can't be seen from the

sides but I'm not so sure the guy above me hasn't figured a way to check me

out. He sure looks at me funny when we ride the elevator together.

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figure it out. How can someone, so far away, a thousand miles or more, generate
such feelings. And yet I felt the ache, the moisture, the swelling.

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Topping the list are Dallas or Chicago. Since Chicago doesn't have a
football worth anything, that little bit of hate is turned on the Bulls.
That's one team I just don't like. Another one is Dallas. I hate the
Cowboys. I try to turn the TV channel soon as Mr. Sanders or Mr. Jordan's
face appears. I can't explain it. Maybe it's cause I just hate the
Chicago/Dallas hype, I mean it's wore than Seattle-hype! My luck is I'll
meet some dude who live in those places and end up moving there. In that
case, I'll take Dallas. I hate crazy-cold winters.
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Milwaukee where I had graduated from high school in '41. I'd
reestablished contact with two old friends from school days, Lloyd
and Janice F., who had got married about a year ater graduation. We
got together quite regularly after I came back to town and went pub
crawling; sometimes I would bring a date along but often as not just
the three of us would go out on the town. I thought I knew them
pretty well, but one night I got to know them much better than
before to my surprise and delight.
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This was in the mid-70's. There was a pet who had long curly blond hair. She
hadlarge round breasts with cherry-sized, slightly downward-pointing nipples.
Her hips were wide and she had a fully bush of curly light brown/blond pubic
hair. My favorite picture of her was with her wedged into the corner of a
sofa, leaning back, looking straight into the camera (and into my eyes as I
stroked myself). Her legs were spread slightly; one hand was resting sligtly
on the inside of her thigh, her other hand was flat on her lower tummy halfway
between her belly button and her pubic mound. She was wearing a yellow tank
top which was bunched up around her full, round breasts. One could just make
out the upper reaches of the delicate folds of flesh that her labia made. In
my fantasy she was easing down into the sofa, arching her back and spreading
her legs, whispering that she needed me to enter her slowly and fill her with
my hard cock. Even today
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apartment. Our original plan had been to pass through Portland completely on
the way home to Seattle but we had gotten a late start and after six hours of
driving from the California border we were both beat. So Jenny had called
Alyssa up from the last rest stop and she had been more than happy to put us
up for the night. They didn't see each other much since we had moved up north.
Me, I was just glad to postpone the last four hour's drive until I got a
little shuteye.
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sleak alleys below. She stood by the opening, a bright carving of
lushious flesh. The cool breezes bit her soft nipples and made them
hard and full.
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lot of time to remember my life and be grateful that I could create

more memories. One of the scarier times I had was in California, while

I was in college. Sherry and I decided to try a little outdoor life

and talked to several fellow students as to where the best hiking and

climbing might be. After tallying the responses, we decided that the

northern mountains would be ideal and packed clothes, first aid kits

and some food.

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Maxwell, at 27, was a tall and strikingly lovely woman. Her husband

was going away for the weekend of fishing with his buddies.

The newspaper girl, Marie, came up the walkway with a bundle of papers

in her hand.

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a few years ago. She moved away, but we see each other
on occasion when she is in town or I have business in her
town. Due to our respective business schedules, we
haven't been together for almost a year.
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standards, with nice legs, a firm behind, and somewhat small breasts (I
believe bite-sized is the term they are commonly called) with bigger than
average nipples. We didn't make it until our fourth or fifth date, and I
can't say that the sex was spectacular. Don't get me wrong, it was good,
but until we went to a hunting lodge one weekend with Joan and Bill, two
close friends, our sexual adventures were quite ordinary.

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When Dave called her, telling you about the concert tickets he had, she knew
what he wanted, but between the boredom and wanting to see the concert (and
Dave's build) she went.
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I must admit that it has been a turn for the better. I am a
thirty-five-year-old business woman who has been divorced for
five years, and I am trying to get my daughter through college. I
have tried to keep myself in relatively good shape so that I will
remain attractive to the opposite sex.
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OK, enuff of that, lets jump up 11 years. When I
was 11, that is when I remember my first real hard on
because of looking at a girls' body. Just like almost
all other kids, it happened at the recreation center pool. I
was just swimming allong and watched my
neighbor walk by. She was something like in her twenties

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wife sexually. My wife, Karen is 30 years old, about 5'3", with
light brown hair and blue eyes. She stands a firm 37-24-36 with a
really cute baby face. She works as the local regional manager for a
national bookstore chain, so she usually dresses and acts in a fairly
conservative fashion. Last Friday she had to fill in for one of her
managers who called in sick. Normally she works from 9-5, but
since she was filling in for a retail position, she had to close
the store. The store is only 5 minutes away from our house, so when
she didn't arrive at home at 10:00 I became a little worried, because
the stripmall closed at 9:00. I tried calling the store several
times, but the phone was always busy. After calling the operator
I found out the phone was off the hook. Well, upon hearing this I
became rather nervous & decided to stop by the store to see if
everything was alright. I got my wife's spare set of keys to the
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demanded the best looking girls. I was surprised I made it, since I don't
consider myself that good looking. True, I've never had trouble finding
guys, and my figure is pretty good but not perfect. It took about three
days to find out who the bitches were, and who the friendly girls were.
Names here have been changed to protect us all.

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brushing her shirt collar and her hazel eyes watching the other

women in her path. She had a sort of animal grace and self-

confidence about her that had immediately attracted me the first

time we met (two weeks ago). Thoughts of her thighs wrapped

around my head and my tongue gently teasing her had started to

keep me awake at night, and I was rather obsessed with wanting to

go to bed with her. Obviously, I wasn't the only one with simi-

lar thoughts, judging from the way a few of the other women were

staring at her as she walked past.

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blonde, tanned and firm, with stately breasts that stood out
proudly; perfect legs and thighs, a rounded ass that moved
seductively when she walked, the face of an angel. But she had
been born retarded and had the mind of a small child. Her mother
had been one of the call girls.

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great times. Carol was a lovely brunette with pale blue eyes and a penchant for oral sex.
Frank loved the way she looked up at him with those soft blue orbs when her mouth was full
of him. She often smiled around his shaft, an impish delight shining in her eyes, while
she worked her mouth up and down. Carol's figure is nice too.

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watched the porno, I slowly rubbed my cock through my pants.
"Take it all, bitch," the man said. The woman was standing up,
leaning forward with her hands grabbing her ankles. The man slid his
cock easily into the woman's cunt.
"That's it baby," the woman moaned. "Make me come." The
man gyrated her hips as the woman kept moaning.
"Ohh baby, I'm going to come," the man moaned. "Where do
you want it?"

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oclock saturday night and my friends Sally
and Peter hadnšt shown up yet. They hadnšt even called. They
were supposed to pick me up at 8 and we
were going out for an erotic night of dinner, drinking and
dancing. Sally and Peter are swingers and
although they usually like other couples, Išve known them
both since we were in college. I donšt mind
swinging Bi so we have a good time together.
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had no idea she would say "That sounds like a great idea!" when I
suggested she join my wife and me for an evening. And the lack of
resistance when I asked Jan about it didn't really make me feel
too badly.
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stroled through the neighborhood I suddenly heard a strange sound. It
was a girl moaning. I looked in the direction of the house it was
coming from but I couldn't see anybody. I decided to investigate and
moved closer. As I reached the house the moaning grew more and more
intense. Thinking someone was injured I followed the sound to the rear
of the house. The sound was coming from inside. I noticed a light on
through a small window which I presumed was the bathroom due to the
size and height of the window. There were some bushes bellow it but
nothing to stand on. I reached up and grabed the ledge with my finger
tips and pulled myself up.
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The big Guzzi throbbed between my legs as we swept through the turns one after
another. The Goose has a stiff suspension; there's something very sexy about
the way the firm seat fits between my thighs, how the bike bucks over big
bumps. It's almost like riding a man. Needless to say by the time we reached
the coast highway I was ready to lure my Lena off into the beach grass and have
my way with her.

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of wine and it was warm enough I could have left all my clothes off if I
wished. I ended up in an old t-shirt. I might as well have been naked though,
because when I sat down in my easy chair and lay one leg over the arm, my
shirt pulled up almost to my waist, exposing everything it should have covered.
Little did I expect that by the end of the night the shirt would not be all
I would take off.
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music pulsed deeply, going into her very essence, causing her
erotic mood to become highly sensorial. Her fingers traced
the smooth lines of her body. Using a knife to cut away her
panties seemed more erotically stimulating that simply
removing them or masturbating through the soaked cloth. She
arched her back and tried to rip open her bra by thrusting
her enormous breasts forward.

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out girl in the small college town where I went to school. I was 22
and already accepted to law school. I guess she really had a crush
on me. Her brother was a fraternity brother of mine, and he wasn't
to pleased with me seeing her.
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experience which has been expanded from the text of a message I
wrote on THE DUNGEON.
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Of course reading some of the stories on this site does do its bit in adding to it.
But honestly it's mostly Glen.. he's just amazing!
Let me tell you all about tonights wonderful session with my lovely finger!
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and a 36-24-35 figure. It takes a lot to turn me on, so I'm
just friends with the guys in my neighborhood, but I like to
dress in sexy outfits for the pleasure of their stares. A month
ago, a new family moved in down the street, and I decided to
welcome my new neighbors and get acquainted with them. They
had a very attractive daughter my age named Kay, and it wasn't
long before we were good friends. One day after Kay's family had
settled in, I went over to pick her up to go shopping. As I
pulled into the driveway, I saw the most handsome guy imaginable
shooting baskets. He was my height with long, black, spiked
hair and an incredible body -- all the more evident because he
wore only a pair of jams. I was mesmerized by his beauty. Kay
came out, and I eagerly asked her who the hunk was. "My
brother," she replied. "Isn't he cute!" I soon found out that
Kay's parents had adopted Vin as a child. Do you like him?"
Kay asked. <
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night--and ended up as a perfectly wonderful one, one which may
have changed my sexstyle forever. Since I live at home with my
parents, I often babysit for neighbors to earn enough money to
continue my studies at a local junior college. Ours is an
average, middle class neighborhood and the people are nice,
though I have to admit that until that night I never thought of
any of the people I worked for as sexy.
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sitting in her favorite chair, reading the paper. I came up

behind her and started rubbing her neck. "Umm, thanks Sue, that

feels good!" I brought my mouth up against her neck and kissed

it. She caught a whiff of my perfume. "Ooh, I love that perfume.

Does it mean what it usually means?"

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evening news. It is the usual boring once
over with a little detail on the feature
stories. They give just enough information to
let you know that something is happening.
None of it is very interesting.

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on. It is late afternoon, and the shades are drawn. I have a special
evening planned for her and she knows this, although she does not know what
I have in mind.
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the club. "Did you join?", she asked. "Yes, I really liked most of
the people I met there, and somehow, I felt like I belonged." Dr.
Stevens moved to sit beside Jan on the couch and took her hand.
"Jan, I've been starting to feel that you may be moving too fast
into this second life and not exercising enough caution. When you
mentioned the cameras and video tape, I got a chill down my spine
because I've heard of people being blackmailed with something like
that. And, you really don't know that much about Dan. How can you
be so sure you won't get hurt?" Jan placed her other hand on top of
the doctor's and looked into her eyes. "Have you ever had the
feeling that there is a part of you that has always been there, but
never come to the surface?" Dr. Stevens nodded and Jan continued,
"Well, I've had that feeling for a long time and when I got
involved with Dan, I began to realize what that hidden part was. I
am a very sexual cre
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105#, with blonde hair just below my shoulders. I just thought that this
might help complete a picture...

I met her at a dance club -- somehow we just knew that we felt the same
way about sex...

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room. It took a few minutes to shake off sleep as she thought about
the very vivid dream she had just had. Suddenly, Jan realized that
it wasn't a dream at all. She had actually performed sexual acts on
a stage before complete strangers (and, most likely on video tape
as well). After her initial panic, she closed her eyes and thought
back to how aroused and excited she had felt while it was
happening. She began to accept the fact that she had loved every
bit of it and knew that the applause and cheering had been directed
at her performance. She also knew that she would do it again and
the thought sent a thrill up her spine and made her tingle with
both desire and fear. She couldn't wait to talk with Dr. Stevens
about what she had been through (maybe, she did need a shrink after
all), and somehow knew the doctor would understand and help Jan
understand too. She really did want to understand why she was so
excited by this desi
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I flashed him a sheepish look. He nodded and said loudly "I'm
off. I should be back around midnight" so that they could hear
him in the bedroom, then left.

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exciting, so we made excuses and left before 10, even though we
had told Heather, our babysitter, not to expect us until after

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her to be someone with whom I felt real intimacy. I told her that, and she
smiled as if the feeling were mutual.
"Do you love Jeff?" I asked.
"Not really!" she replied." I do enjoy his company. He's generous,
funny and very sexy. Also, he shares my uninhibited attitude toward sex. But
love, no! How about you with Jim?"

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hair on your palms. You are a completely
competent member of society - despite all the times you've
done it. Kinsey and the latest Sex in America
report show there's a whole lot of shaking going on. Today's
sex researchers have come to grips with the
fact that masturbation has important physical and emotional
benefits for both men and women.

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encounters I had while attending college. I had been eyeing a woman
who was perfect physically. She had long blond hair, a perfect face,
a perfect ass, and the best legs I have seen in a long while(a fetish
of mine).
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would be like, would it be cold and clinical or warm and sensual, would there
be a lot of people around, would I be alone, what would it be like.

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arithmetic. I went to the bathroom hoping that that was all it
was, but of course after I finished it was still there,pointing
the way, forward,attack,and all other sorts of things that came
to mind. But being between lady friends I was left with only one
course of action, and remembering an old motto "Never waste a
good hard-on" I laid across the bed and proceed to jack-off.
After about maybe five minutes of good diligent hammer pumping
I was real close to finishing the problem once and for today, or
just maybe the morning, but just about there I heard one hell of
a racket coming from the patio across the way from mine, and
bang soft as a noodle. I got up and wondered to the sliding door
that led to my patio, forgetting for a moment that I was naked,
to see what or who was causing the commotion.

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